Photographs                 Geoffrey Dunn

Studio Recordings       Banjo Frog Studio

Live  Audio                  Trevor Wilkey

Live  Video                   Dave Stephenson

Webpage Stars           The background stars are taken from this photo, but obviously altered a bit.

Barn Mother               Sophie Edhouse


Bob Molloy, Nicole and the folks at Club Acoustica Eclectic, Ros Martin, James Cuskelly and the Qld crew, Christopher Bradley, Robert Dawe, Pete Churchill, Fergus O'Regan, Kerry O'Regan, St John's in the Wilderness, Colin Curtis, Steven de Kleer, Hew Wagner, Annie O'Malley, The boys of The Suspect Mushrooms,  Nicolina Barcello, Ian Hurrell, Alison and Kate, Djembe Kate our lovely neighbour, Anthony Lillywhite, Emily Schoof, the Aeode girls, Singers of The Singing Garden, The Choral Garden, Voices in the Wilderness, The Thursdays, Sing Out, the lovely Casey Thomson, Mylor Music Night Folks, Brenna Lee-Cooney,  Morgy and Lochy! The ladies of ladycraft,  the flylady ladies, Adrienne K Piggott. the bluegrass groovers who jammed with us at Wirinna Cove, Folk Federation of South Australia, Adelaide Hills Folk Club,  Michael McGregor, Annie and Peter Thornton and the folks at Fleurieu, all the lovely folks who hosted us at their kitchen tables during our Kitchen Table Tour,

and Ute - an unexpected angel.