Come find the Barn. 
The Delight of Being Community Art barn.

It's in the hills between Aldgate and Stirling
tucked behind Wairoa,
one of Stirling's grand old houses.

During the day the Barn houses a community of
artists and musicians busily making and teaching.

By night it's the perfect venue for a cappella singing
full of creative energy and purpose
comfy chairs and lively barn acoustics.

Punch in summer, spiced hot  cider in winter, great music every season.

142 Mt Barker Rd, Aldgate.

There's a sign on the road when you get there. 

A private road leads you into the magical grounds of Wairoa, 
past private residences, an oval, the Montessori school and 
over the top of the hill, 

down to the barn.