"held the audience spellbound"
Mike at The English Ale

Opening Concert Frances Folk Gathering Feb 2014. Photo courtesy of Ian Fisk

What music do we do
We take traditional songs
and craft them into something new 
arranged for 2 voice a cappella,


We love our audiences to sing along - and have arranged some of our songs to include an "ad hoc choir".

What else can we do
We can run workshops on singing and prepare an ad hoc choir to perform with us during a concert. 
We can cover about four songs in harmony, in an hour's workshop, ready to perform.
We can also teach as we perform - so that we can get audiences singing at a concert without any rehearsal.
We can also run workshops on how we approach arranging  traditional songs.

Do we have experience running workshops
We have run choir workshops for corporate retreats, at conferences and festivals.
Jodie has many years experience working  as a singing teacher and choir director, holds a masters in music pedagogy and specialises in adult beginners. 

Does the ad hoc choir sound good


What do we need
As acappella singers, we don't need much  - you can just put us in a corner and we'll sing our hearts out. Actually,  the corner is optional.
Care of classical training - we can make a decent noise - we don't need amplification in small and medium venues.

A bio for programs
Emlyn and Jodie O'Regan live in the beautiful Adelaide Hills where they create acappella arrangements of folk and other traditional songs. 
They weave elements of jazz, blues, gospel, folk and classical choral singing into their eclectic performances.

We have some high res print quality promo photos we can send you. Give us a hoy if you'd like some.

What people say
Their arrangements are impressive – one is forced to ask, “how can two people sound like a chorus of 4 or 5?” 
I’m always blown away by their ability for one to take the lyrical lead and for the other to use the voice as a melodic/percussive instrument accompaniment.
They are favourites with our little acoustic music community and we look forward to each performance, 
knowing that Jodie and Emlyn will bring a fresh energy and different, interesting twist and unadulterated passion to their performance. -
Bob Molloy - Convenor, Club Acoustica Eclectic

Thank you both for being so inspirational

Wow. oh. wow. wow. wow. wow. wow.
the guy at The English Ale

How can your two voices sound fuller than my six voice ensemble?
friendly ensemble singer

That was so much fun. It was really lusty.
Workshop Participant Kodaly National Conference


Beautiful - Just so beautiful - Your voices are beautiful - Beautiful - Beautiful - Beautiful